Kenya - German paramedic organises rescue of mother of 6

Markus Dietz ensured that a mother of several was saved from death in Kenya. Markus is a paramedic and founder of the aid project "Galana River School Project". ( However, he is also called upon time and again to provide medical assistance.

In this case, a woman had a cyst the size of a coconut in her abdomen and her life was in extreme danger. Almost three hours' drive to the nearest hospital.

The public hospital could not perform the operation, so the woman had to go to a private hospital. Markus was able to organise the necessary 2,000 Euros for the treatment costs at short notice from the association "LOG Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen e.V." in Frankfurt, so that the woman could be saved. Unfortunately, there are no decent ambulances either. The woman had to be driven through the bush in the boot of an off-road vehicle for over three hours. Without a four-wheel drive, it is impossible to get through here.