Sponsorships for children and young people in Kenya

The children and people in the rural areas of Kenya are largely left to fend for themselves. Whether it is infrastructure, education or medical care - little to nothing is available. This is different in the Mwzana village community on the Galana River, which is home to an aid project initiated by Markus and Birgit Dietz from Forchtenberg in Germany in 2014. The school built there has been recognised by the state for some time now.

But: the school fees of 30 euros per year and the school uniforms have to be paid by the children or their families. And that's where the problem starts: on average, a family has 8 - 12 children. And little or no income. So there are two hurdles to overcome:

a) the procurement of the school uniform without which a child in Kenya is NOT allowed to go to school.

b) the school fees due annually for the secondary school class after primary school.

Markus and Birgit who are now on site for a large part of the year try to find out which child has the potential and where support makes sense. This also takes into account the social situation of the family. So we are now gradually putting different profiles on the homepage and also integrating them
into the Donation form website.

Thus, this child can then be supported on a one-off or regular basis. And we also see to it that there is personal contact, if this is desired.

By the way, everyone is welcome to visit the project directly - a "house" built to the west is available for guests and patrons/donors...


Sponsorships are currently being sought for these people:



seeks sponsorships

Pendo is about 10 years old. She is a very helpful girl and also very diligent in doing the many tasks that need to be done in a community. For example, she is always the first to fetch water for the garden.

Pendo has a good grasp of games that require computational skills, such as Yahtzee. So whenever it's a matter of counting, combining.

Future: Pendo has a well-developed social behaviour. Therefore, she would be suitable for school and vocational training as a teacher, educator or nurse.

Edwin Safari

Edwin Safari

Seeks training partnership as a doctor

Edwin is a young man from the Mwanza community who strives for the future. His academic and personal qualities were so good that he could be sent to study at the Medical College Mombasa.
However, this was only possible because he had a sponsor who provided the necessary support money. From primary school onwards, all pupils and students have to pay for their education themselves or find someone to support them. For the last semester we still need your support. One person has already stepped in, but Edwin needs several sponsors to raise the sum of about 7,200 Euros per year.

Edwin's goal is to go back to his community to work as a doctor after graduation and some practical experience in the city. Too many people die because there is not the slightest medical care. Edwin wants to end this situation after his training.



is looking for a sponsorship

Martin is one of 8 children of the single father David Ziro. Martin's mother left the father years ago.
The father David Ziro earns the money for the family's upkeep by selling homemade palm wine.

Martin is an intelligent and smart young lad. His willingness to help is very pronounced. He is very persevering in the things he does and when it comes to work, he "sticks to his guns" until the job is done. He is very talented at handicrafts and is always at the forefront when there is something to do.

FutureMartin has the prerequisites for a good development at school due to his helpful nature and his talents and should therefore be encouraged. His manual skills will certainly help him a lot in a later profession.



is looking for another sponsor

Samuel is the youngest of 10 children in the family. The family lives in a hut on the village square. The Saro family is one of the poorest in the village because Francis cannot find permanent work. Francis occasionally works on construction sites around the village and sometimes earns up to 300 shillings (about 2.50 euros) a day.

Samuel is a very bright, outgoing little boy. At the age of 4, he already has a great talent in language development: he speaks German, English, Swahili and the tribal language of the Giriama in an age-appropriate manner.

He even has the German children's songs "Alle meine Entchen" and "Die Affen rasen durch den Wald" in his repertoire by heart...

FutureSamuel has great linguistic talents and, as far as can be judged, he has the potential to be a good to very good pupil.