Advantages for members


Right in the middle instead of just being there - you get first-hand information. And also information that is not shared publicly


We promote your homepage or your profile on social networks and mark you as a supporter who does good! You decide how intensive this is.
We also make video presentations of our supporters, for example.


You can have a good feeling, because by becoming a member you are helping us. More members means more weight for us with the authorities and when requesting support from companies.


You are perceived in your environment as a person who is very social and supports others. 


When you accept a sponsorship, you help a concrete person to live his or her life in a way that would not be possible without you. And this person can then do a lot of good in his community through his education and training.


What you do well will be returned 100-fold at some point in your life - we also firmly believe in this. So do good for yourself by doing good for others ...