Sponsorship for Martin

Martin is one of 8 children of the single father David Ziro. Martin's mother left the father years ago.
The father David Ziro earns the money for the family's entertainment by selling homemade palm wine.

David Ziro married a new woman, Christine, in May 2021. The next baby is already on the way... That means it won't get any easier for the family.

The family lives together in a mud hut, only the eldest brother has his own "sleeping house" right next to it.


Martin is an intelligent and smart young lad. His willingness to help is very pronounced.

He is very persistent in the things he does and when it comes to work he "sticks to it" until the job is done.

He is very talented at handicrafts and is always at the forefront when there is something to do.

FutureMartin has the prerequisites for good development at school due to his helpful nature and his talents and should therefore be encouraged.

His manual skills will certainly help him a lot in a later profession.

Your support:

Martin will then (2021) be about 8 years old. 

With your support of 40 euros per month , he can then go to primary school until he is about 16 years old. With your sponsorship, you finance the school fees, school clothing, food and other support for Martin.

After that, he can attend the Secondary School (comparable to the German Realschule) from around the age of 17. It is a full-boarding school, i.e. full board with living, sleeping, food, school materials, travel costs, clothing. The sponsorship for this would then amount to 120 euros per month.

Education OR study begins after completion of the 5th grade of secondary school and usually lasts 3-5 years. The children are usually 21 years old by then. Your sponsored child needs 600 euros per month for education or studies.

Accompanying the sponsored child until the end of the training would be desirable ! Of course, partial stages are also possible. We will then look for further sponsors for the child to ensure that a graduation is possible.

Your contact options:

Basically, we like it when the sponsored children contact their sponsors - no matter in which form. And the sponsors are always welcome to contact their sponsored children.

The easiest way to do this is via our association (email, WhatsApp, video message etc.) as the residents of the community usually do not have a mobile phone. Where the sponsored child has a mobile phone, WhatsApp or email, contact can of course also be made directly - but only when the child is of age (18 years) because we also have to protect the children from the pathological excesses of our western "civilisation" - child abuse, prostitution, enslavement. Because in the bush these things are not known and the people here are correspondingly ignorant and unprotected.


the assessment of the personal characteristics of the potential godchild is purely subjective. We experience the children/people in our daily life with them during our visits of several months.

People change and often you also have to experience disappointments. We try to promote those personalities where we, purely subjectively, see potential for development. No more, but also no less!

Martin (far right) and his friends playing with homemade toys

You can find more information about the Kenyan school system in the general informationsection.

Sponsorship is very easy: select the child you want to sponsor in the donation form and choose the payment method:

Martin's family in age order:

  • Julius, has his own hut, small training as a mechanic, helps with the maintenance of the water pumps, is a very good practitioner
  • John (no further information known)
  • Chembe (female, no further info known)
  • Halima, 13 years old, attends Primary School
  • Martin, approx. 8 years old
  • Bonnie, approx. 8 years old
  • Sharon, 4 years
  • the still unborn child ....

Martin (far right, boy looking back) visiting another family