Foundation of the association April 2021

In April 2021, 10 people with a strong interest in the project came together and founded the association "Galana Rivers School Project e.V." based in Biberach/Baden.

The association is recognised as a non-profit organisation by the Offenburg tax office and has been registered with the Freiburg registry court since 05 May 2021 under register no. VR 703164.



Founding Assembly

Contribution rules

How it all began ...

Actually, Birgit and Markus Dietz had only made a stopover at the Galana River in Kenya to take photos. But it didn't stop there. The stopover in this area left such a lasting impression on the couple from Forchtenberg-Schleierhof that a project was born: the Galana River School Project in Mwanza. Or as Markus Dietz describes it: "The construction of the school was born out of an idea that was born while travelling.


The founders of the project

Markus + Birgit Dietz

People like you and me - to touch

Since 2017, Markus Dietz and his wife Birgit Dietz have been committed to their aid project in Kenya - the "Galana River School Project". Several times a year, especially Markus is directly on site to bring the project forward. He is the "man of the strong arms" - don't talk - do!

We want to continue together until the big dream of a real school building for all the children of the village can be realised. Education is of course important - but it will be even more important to establish a medical treatment station, as it can only exist in a real school, with its own care team permanently in Magarini. For medical prevention and treatment of the villagers, this small medical station is absolutely necessary to ensure timely and professional basic care. You can help us to achieve this goal as soon as possible.

Galana River School Project

Our wish: a school

It doesn't always have to be the fulfilment of great wishes. After our news about the Kenya school project of Birgit and Markus Dietz in our magazine, we were so positively surprised by your interest in the project and the warm reactions we received that we are absolutely sure we can really make a difference on the ground in Magarini!

Our first on-site help has already shown us how gratefully every single deed and donation is received and accepted. A small "school house" with homemade desks for 40 pupils has already been built and is the first small step towards a permanent improvement of the infrastructure and the quality of life of the children at the Galana River. However, it is not yet more than a temporary solution to protect the youngest children from the daily kilometre-long and dangerous walk to the next school.